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This is an exciting, vibrant and a highly enjoyable and creative course, where you will have the opportunity and creative freedom to learn and use a wide range of digital media production skills.

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Throughout the two years of study you will be working on a series of creative projects where you will be able to fully explore and experiment with your creative ideas and aspirations. At the same time, you will be developing your personal and professional skills, preparing you for employment within the media industry and / or progression onto university for further study and training. This course will boost your creativity to the next level and it will enable you to be the best you can be, tapping into your strengths. This course will also give you the opportunity to build on your own personal skills and on your confidence in terms of belief in yourself, in your abilities and in the work you do. You will be learning new things whilst working within an active social environment, where you meet and work with new people. There is an excellent support system based on a true spirit of collaboration and support of each other. You will be based at The Horncastle Building, at the city centre campus of Hull College. The building has custom made, state of the art digital media studios and facilities, such as: - Radio and Sound Recording Studio. TV Studio. Video and Audio editing post-production suites. Streaming facilities. Foley Studio. Location equipment for digital video production and capturing. Location equipment for digital audio production and capturing. Tapping into a range of apps, software and smart mobile technologies. You will have access to highly trained, inspirational and experienced staff who will be with you along the way, making sure that you are supported and guided throughout your development and learning. Your tutors will be encouraging you to do your best, shine and be successful. You will also have access to highly experienced staff, specialising in Special Educational Needs support if you require it. There is a good balance between production and theory within a variety of projects and creative activities. There is a variety of creative digital production skills and explorations, whilst learning to professional practices, personal development and industry standards. You will be working in a creative driven learning environment, with hands-on approach to all equipment and technologies available. You will always be working on projects and ‘live’ briefs, where you will be encouraged to and be supported in experimenting with your creative skills, learning from your own mistakes and experiences. This two-year course is structured in such a way that it introduces you to, knowledge, principles and applications of a wide range of digital production techniques, technologies and concepts. Then you gradually develop your understanding and skills further with experimentation in video, audio and interactive digital productions. At the end, you have the opportunity to work on your Final Creative Media Project. This is where you have complete control and choice of what project you wish to work on, tapping into your strengths and focusing on areas that you wish to develop even further. More specifically: - Year 1: During the first year of study you will be learning, exploring and developing your skills, concepts and understanding in the following areas: - Video production skills. Audio production skills. Foley and Sound design. Video post-production: Adobe Premiere Pro; Adobe After Effects. Audio post-production: Adobe Audition; sound mixing and design. Effective Storytelling. Effective Communication of Ideas. Development of more impactful digital media products via Effective Research Skills. Understanding how you can make your creative media productions more impactful through the exploration of Critical Contexts. Career Development and Planning. Term 1 - Year 1 - Units 1 - 4: You will be introduced to the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to explore, enhance and sustain your creative development in the above areas. You will have the opportunity to apply these in your first creative digital media project. Term 2 - Year 1 - Units 5-7: You will be developing these newly acquired skills, concepts, ideas and understanding by working on two more complex projects in a range of media platforms. ? Video Experimentation Project. ? Audio Experimentation Project. Term 3 - Year 1 - Unit 8: You will be working on your Final Creative Media Project. In this unit you will have full control of what you want to produce and work on, through self-directed learning. You will have the opportunity to apply all the skills, knowledge and understanding that you have developed throughout Units 1 - 7, ensuring that you showcase your individual creative and conceptual strengths. At the same time, you have the opportunity to focus on your areas for further development where you can begin to clarify your longer-term goals through your choice of project. Year 2: During the second year of study, you will continue to develop and explore further your creative digital media production and technology skills and knowledge. This time there is further focus on: - Further development of all the skills areas from Year 1. Collaboration. Communicating your creative ideas to a range of Audiences. Factual Production - Audio; Video or Interactive based. Your personal Ambitions. Academic Writing through the development of your own Subject of Research. Your Preferences and Future Progression Opportunities. Taking increased responsibility for your own learning. Term 1 - Year 2 - Units 9 & 10: You will be further developing your skills and understanding in creative digital audio; video and interactive production, concepts and technologies. This will be done via a Factual Production Project. In this project you have control of the topic, focus and scope of this production. This will also provide you with the opportunity to be introduced and develop your understanding in factual production, thus equipping you even better with the knowledge and skills you will need for employment within the media industry and / or progression onto university. Term 2 - Year 2 - Units 11 & 12: Picking the topic up from Year 1 - Term 1, you will be further developing your plans for future Professional Development and Training, via a custom-made Career Project of your choosing. Picking also up from Year 1 - Term 1, you will be developing further your knowledge and understanding of effective storytelling; effective communication with a specific audience and creating a more impactful creative media product. This will be done via a custom-made Specialist Study Project of your choosing. Term 3 - Year 2 - Unit 13: You will be working on your Final Extended Media Project. As with Unit 8 in Term 3 Year 1, this is where you have full control of what you want to produce and work on, through self-directed learning, showcasing your full digital media production skills set, in preparation for the media industry and / or university. This project will provide you with the opportunity to confirm your chosen specialism by developing a project idea that relates to the discipline of choice. You will take full ownership of your learning, making sure that you showcase your ability and competence in the full range of skills, knowledge and technologies that you studied throughout the two years of the course. You may even have the opportunity to work on your own ‘live’ TV studio stream on our YouTube channel.

Entry Requirements

4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including Maths and English


100% Coursework

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Full Time Further Education

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